Each member of our small team created a hypothetical branding and logo design for UC Berkeley's Data Science Program & Initiative. This is my idea for a flexible visual system to encompass all of DS's offshoots and special programs. Together as a tier, we worked to refine each of our individual concepts to produce a set of concrete design directions.
To create a logo system for Data Science, I began thinking about representations of information, ultimately setting on these modular quadrants. Created in a grid, they abstractly evoke various modes of data visualization, such as bar & linear graphs or pie charts. 
Because the Data Science program has many facets and forms of outreach, I then turned to creating a cohesive logo to represent these. The two most prominent Data Science branches at the time included the Education Initiative and the Education Program. Using these as a starting point, I first created a logo for Data Science: University of California. This horizontal logo would serve as an anchor to which the program's various branches would mesh, each with their own distinctive quadrant illustration and acronym.
The result is a series of logos which relies on a cohesive visual system, allowing for flexible branding while keeping the original Data Science design at its core. 
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