According to user interviews, one of the biggest obstacles to completing the checkout flow is that capsules seen as costly by Nima owners.
To ensure that cross-contamination does not affect the result of the test, the capsules must be disposable. On top of this, each capsule contains complex chemical engineering in order to render a result. The goal was to make these points understandable to users going through the checkout flow in order to justify the cost of capsules.
This is a view of the test capsule checkout flow in the site. 
As part of the checkout flow, we implemented icons to describe how capsules are used. With friendly and easily accessible icons, users are better able to see how test capsules interact with Nima -- including a peek into the technology inside each and every capsule. Far from being small pieces of plastic, we hope the sophistication behind test capsules is now clearer to Nima owners.
In addition, we see that most Nima owners test their food an average of 12 times a month. To incentivize users toward a monthly subscription of 12 capsule packs, we sought to show a full range of foods that can be tested with Nima. I created 12 icons of commonly tested "problem" foods to further add context around the capsule purchase.

While we decided on monochrome yellow icons for the final page, above are examples of the original colors.
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